Holiday Poetry

“Invite My Cherubim”

By Heather Harmon

Where do I belong?

Some place where the sands are red?

Or where the moon shines brightly

In the cold where I’m alone?

I sit across from my reflection…

Share a meal, we’re close.

I have myself.

All alone in the darkness,

I’m in my room

Wanting you

And something more–

The song from the eclipse

In the midnight sky

Is not a comfort.

I’ll keep my purple glow

From the plug-in globe

And invite




Author: Heather Harmon

I'm a mother & have two young children. Their father, (my significant other) is an animator. I draw & I used to model lingerie & porn, I stopped for personal reasons. I experiment with other art forms. I love my children, men, & K-pop music.

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