My Personal Self-Hypnosis Experiment

January 19, 2022

My Fun Experience Using Self-Hypnosis

This is how I was able to trick myself into feeling less anxious, worried, & stressed. I first altered my home environment spaces. I covered windows with large tapestries to block out the sunlight. I made & listened to a playlist of music with trance-like rhythms & hypnotic vocals full of harmony. I took a chamomile & lavender supplement to promote calmness.

Avoid alcoholic beverages.

Use blue, pink, or green lighting.

I was able to block negative emotions & recollect vivid memories within seconds of snapping into the zone. I was able to stay upbeat and not fall into lethargy & boosted my self-confidence. I was able to train myself to be more optimistic & pleasant, to remember a foreign language that I had once spoken but forgot due to incidental happenstance; I was able to improve my sense of organization, stay super tidy, & I regulated my sleep cycle.

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