I am a 37-year-old mother two young children; they are boys, & they are the ONLY reason I feel any sense of fulfillment of dreams has occurred in my life. My significant other got me pregnant a lot– I have had so many miscarriages, however; it makes me really sad. My children’s father (John Deiman) is an animator– you can see his videos at his personal Youtube page (ryoshenron). I love to do creative projects in my spare time. I love my children & I adore being a mother– mine are amazing. Signed, Heather Harmon

As of August 24, 2022, my official website is here at (Previously it was

I’m really into K-pop. My favorite groups are: NCT (Empathy is their best, it’s special to me and my 7-year-old son); BTS; Agust D; EXO; Exo-K; OnlyOneOf; E’LAST; ENHYPEN; Xiumin; UNVS; Monsta X; WEi; NewKidd; & SuperM.

I also love MandoPop & MandoRap. My top favorites are: Z.TAO; LAY; EXO-M; Ice Paper; & Kris Wu.

My favorite films include: Sucker Punch; A Haunting in Salem; John Q; Batman: The Dark Knight; Pitof’s Catwoman; Ip Man 1-4; The Ring; Enthiran; The Addams Family Values; Alfred Hitchcock’s Marnie; Minority Report; Bewitched; Ginger Snaps; & Inception.

My favorite anime of all time include: Sailor Moon; Vampire Princess Miyu; Berserk; Death Note; The Serial Experiments Lain; Nana; Utena; & Perfect Blue.

I’m interested in music, astronomy, & medical science. I want to see how technology improves over the years for normal things like cell phones, computers, & music engineering.

I like modern films about ballet– my favorites start in the late 1990s when I was about 13/14-years-old. I used to dance ballet when I was a little girl & a teenager– it’s too bad I stopped.

I am 5 feet 4 inches tall & usually always weigh between 90-125 pounds.

My favorite comedians are people who I do not wish to reveal, however they are not internationally known.

I only have sex with men. I have certain standards, you can’t expect me to go to everyone who wants me. I have to be attracted to you. That is fair.

I am not doing any petite modeling anymore. I still purchase & wear lingerie although I do not model it anymore.

I live for my children, myself, & just for the sake of it. I feel the reason for life is to enjoy it & have as much fun as possible. So please let me live mine. 💋