My Winter Holiday Greeting For Anyone Sweet

Our Thanksgiving holiday is coming up.

I am so thankful to have a family with my ex-husband; our children are so precious to me & the biggest blessing I have ever received. I loved being pregnant with my sons & I love observing them as the years go by. I love my sons.

I am thankful for justice & I have faith that my precious children will be returned to my heavenly care very soon. Amidst all of the unfair, harmful accusations which social services groups where I live have made against me for no real reason, I KNOW my precious children will be with me again very soon. And then my husband & our children & me can live freely wherever we may choose to live, thrive.

Signed, Heather Harmon

Author: Heather Harmon

I'm a mother & have two young children. Their father, (my significant other) is an animator. I draw & I used to model lingerie & porn, I stopped for personal reasons. I experiment with other art forms. I love my children, men, & K-pop music.

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