Invention Idea: Tablets Only For Illustrating Digitally with SD Card For Safe, Hacker-Free Saving & Creation with No Internet Connection Wanted

After many ups & downs with my Android devices over the past decade with files and phone usage being unsecured due to wireless internet, bluetooth, & remote viewing with internet, I have created in my mind a new type of deluxe tablet meant for digital illustrators & animators only. I do not intend for this tablet to have internet access or any other feature that would allow for software bugs or data hackers to sabotage artwork creation for me or anyone else. I’m thinking it should be just as reliable as Apple & Android products with only the illustration/painting & animation software included, with compatibility for any type of stylus to be used with it. I want it to have an SD card reader so that files can be saved & uploaded manually to a different computer. That is my idea.

Signed, Heather Harmon November 9, 2022 12:20 AM

Author: Heather Harmon

I'm a mother & have two young children. Their father, (my significant other) is an animator. I draw & I used to model lingerie & porn, I stopped for personal reasons. I experiment with other art forms. I love my children, men, & K-pop music.

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