I Lost My Awesome Japanese Bicycle Due to A Vandal

I recently splurged on a beautiful blue, classy Japanese women’s bicycle in order to get around & get some exercise, & to keep my legs strong. I had really been enjoying riding my bike around where I stay during the day, & even in the cold nights. Last night, I went out after dark & rode my bicycle to a nearby convenience store & gas station. I set my bike beside the ice freezer & went inside the store, assuming that no one would steal my bicycle. I even asked the clerk while I was in his store if my bike was still there outside, & he assured me it was (I assumed he could tell based on the security camera feed). When I walked back outside to retrieve my bicycle & to ride it back home, I saw that my bike had been tossed or thrown down onto the ground, and the handles & brakes bar was turned inwardly; I could not turn it back, it was like it had been sealed or welded that way. It was impossible for me to continue riding my bike because of that. So now I have to get a new one. I am mad.

Author: Heather Harmon

I'm a mother & have two young children. Their father, (my significant other) is an animator. I draw & I used to model lingerie & porn, I stopped for personal reasons. I experiment with other art forms. I love my children, men, & K-pop music.

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